Discover Australia Through Adventure Tours

If you have been trying to plan an upcoming trip to Australia but keep getting stuck on what to do, where to go and which places to see, consider heading out on the fun Perth to Broome Adventure Tour! This Australia Tour will take you through 14 days filled with excitement, fun and adventure all while exploring beautiful destinations and getting the chance to meet and become friends with travelers just like yourself! Australia Backpacker Tours are the perfect way to put aside those confusing travel plans you have been working on and simply go with the flow having all of your 14 days completely taken care of for you!

The first day of the Perth to Broome Adventure Tour, you will get the chance to explore Nambung National Park and wander through the Pinnacles Desert. This place offers impeccable landscapes and even the opportunity ot jet down the sand dunes on a sandboard! This is often one of the most enjoyed early adventures for those who choose to partake in this exciting Australia Tour. Next on the itinerary is a trip toward Horrocks where you get to visit Kalbarri National Park and enjoy the diverse scenery such as Natures Window, Murchison Gorge, the Loop and Z-Bend Gorge. Once done there, the Australia Backpacker Tours will take you to Shark Bay where you can enjoy the Monkey Mia dolphins!

Day 4 will bring you from Coral Bay to Yardi Creek where you will get the chance to explore Ningallo Reef and the rich and abundant marine life that lives just below its surface. You can either choose to snorkel or take a glass-bottom boat and enjoy the marine life from the comfort of inside the boat! The Perth to Broome Adventure Tourwill constantly be keeping you active and always ready for the next adventure from one place to the next! After explore the reef, the Australia Tour will take you to more destinations such as Exmouth, Cape Range National Park, Karijini National Park, the Pilbara Region, Broome, the Great Northern Highway and then finally on the very last day of the journey you will arrive in beautiful Perth. The Australia Backpacker Tours will come to an end there where you will of course be given the opportunity to explore the town itself and say a farewell to your fellow adventurers and new friends you made along the way.


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