Have you ever wanted to marvel at the rich historical lands of Burma and explore the beautiful sceneries, temples and structures that make the country so unique and unlike any other? Not sure how to go about planning a trip that will allow you to make the most of your time there? Well, if that is you then consider heading out on the Classic Burma Adventure Tour! A fun-filled time that will be spent meeting friendly locals, exploring different sites and simply taking in all that this country has to offer its visitors! The Burma Tour is a great way to make some long lasting memories and gain new experiences you never though you would!


The start of the Myanmar Tour begins at Yangon where you can see a place filled with commercial, historical and cultural diversity that is thriving despite its rough past and long history of tough times. After Yangon, the Burma Tour will then take you to Mandalay where you can gaze upon glittering temples, ancient relics such as Buddha Gautama’s hair and take in the rich history that exudes its every inch. Meanwhile, we are asking you to do yourself a favour to visit casino en ligne in order to learn how to make money online. Climb the Mandalay Hill for incredible sunset views after making your way down the river to witness Mingun, poised to be the world’s largest pagoda.

The next stop on the Classic Burma Adventure Tour is a cruise down the majestic Ayeyarwaddy River where you can simply sit back, relax and breathe in the fresh air until arriving to the spot where you can get a taste of true Burmese cuisine! The Myanmar Tour will continue on in that same area where you can observe fishing villages dotting the riverbanks, experience some of the most impressive archaeological wonders in all of Asia and visit the mystical Mt. Popa, an extinct volcano that is thought to house local spirits and deities.

The Burma Tour will then arrive at Inle Lake, the lifeblood of many ethnic communities where you can visit stilt-house villages and sample fresh produce from the floating markets. The last and final destination of the Classic Burma Adventure Tour will bring you to the beautiful area of Yangon where you can explore downtown and visit local shops that sell handicrafts and another market full of delicious cuisine. The Myanmar Tour will be nothing short of a handful of lasting memories that you can look back on for years to come!


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