Foods To Avoid When You Are Travelling

Foods To Avoid When You Are Travelling

We all get excited when it is time for us to travel. I mean after all you going to a new place, to enjoy new things and create new memories. For the best and comfortable trip, there are so many things we do. we prepare in time, make sure we have packed all we need and make sure we have all our credentials and documents right. But then that is not the only thing you should be worrying about. There are foods that you need to avoid when you are traveling to avoid getting sick and having an uncomfortable and horrible trip. Of course, it is exciting to try out new cuisines and new challenges but is your stomach ready for the challenge? Read on to see what you need to avoid when you are traveling.

Raw Meat

Eating raw meat can pose dangers to your stomach. Uncooked or undercooked meat should be a no go area when you travel otherwise you may end up getting sick and fail to enjoy your trip. On that note also avoid seafood especially if you are not used to that kind of food. Seafood is very common in causing intestinal problems. Also raw fish is a risk unless you cook them yourself.

Cold/ Frozen Foods

You may be wondering we have included frozen after all its frozen right what is the worse that can happen? Well as they sit in the freezer shelf they constantly freeze and dethaw from time to time which can make the food produce harmful bacteria. Also, the ice that is used in freezing the food can be contaminated which makes frozen food a risk.


It is a nice experience to want to try out food from the streets of the place you have traveled to. The risk, however, is buying food that is not cooked well from the street vendors. We would recommend restaurants mostly to street food. But if you choose to try out street food just make sure your food is served hot and look at the cleanliness of the truck or cart you are buying from. Also, don’t forget to wash your hands before eating your food.


Fruits that you cannot peel on your own are a risk. Fruits like berries don’t have protective skin like bananas and oranges. We can’t guarantee that the water used to wash them is clean so you may get sick. Also, include apples because they may have bacteria from the places they are washed in and stored. They don’t have a protective skin so they should be avoided. That is the more reason you should avoid salads because vegetables are difficult to keep clean.


It can lead to different diseases like ebola or respiratory syndromes. This is because the meat of wild forests like monkeys. Rodents, bats and more have health risks. There may be diseases in their blood and fluids that can dry up together with the meat. And you can usually get these from street vendors so ask before you get what it is exactly you are getting.

Other foods you need to avoid include

  • Sauces
  • Unpasteurized dairy products
  • Deli meat as well as cheese
  • Tap water


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