How To Be A Great Parent To Your Kids

How To Be A Great Parent To Your Kids

Almost every male and female can be a parent. You can just wake up knowing that you are going to be a father or mother. The tricky part is not on becoming a parent but it is in becoming a great parent. Healthy and happy children are a product of healthy parenting which is why parenting is important. Being a great parent contributes a lot to the life of your child or children. Even you as a parent you need to be proud of raising a good kid and that can only be a result of being a good parent. For this reason, it is important to provide parents with some tips on healthy parenting to be able to raise healthy, happy and good kids.


Make Time For Your Kids

There is nothing that gives kids greater joy than having some time with their parents. As busy as your work schedule is trying to create some time with them. If possible wake up early before work and have breakfast with them, prepare them for school and have little chats with them. Try to be home early and have some time with them to watch movies, read books. Don’t leave home early whilst they are asleep and come back late when they have gone to bed too. Weekends try to around go out for meals together it brings you closer and creates a relationship. show them, love, to be around for them.

Be A Good Role Model

It is good to practice what you teach. Children look up to their parents, they are like their role models. The way they act, talk and react to things is usually a result of what they see from their parents. It is important to practice the traits you would want to see in them. Kindness, love, patience, tolerance can only be in them after they have seen it in you.

Praise And Appreciate Them

When your kids have done something good be it in school, or at home praise them, show that you actually see what they are doing right. This is because whenever they are doing things right they want you to be happy the goa;l is to please you. Therefore show them that you see them and appreciate those things they are doing to become good kids.


Don’t just tell them to do things that even they don’t understand. Just like adults talk to them explain why you are doing certain things and why you are making them do certain things. Communication is very important. Create an environment where they feel ok to talk to you about anything. Even when they are all grown that will not go away they will always see a friend in you. Give them that platform and you create it by communicating.

Let Them Make Mistakes

We all learn from mistakes. Don’t be a hard parent that expects the kids to always be perfect and do perfect things. Allow your children to make mistakes because they are human too. And when they do make mistakes be watchful of how you address the situations because it matters. Do not be the parent that the kids fear because they may turn out to be rebellious.


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