Celebrity Children Who Followed Their Parents Paths

Celebrity Children Who Followed Their Parents Paths

The importance of being a good parent is being a role model for your kids. Your kids always look up to you. What you do, how you speak and how you live life, in general, they see all that. As kids grow up and become adults they choose what to do with their lives. Some take different paths some choose to take the paths of their role models. This is because knowing and choosing what to do with your life can be pretty challenging which is why some kids decide to just follow their parents’ paths. Being a celeb is not an easy thing as people expect a lot from you. But one thing that shows that celebrities are also human beings is parenthood. We are going to explore a list of children who followed their role models’ paths and are also doing what their parents do.

Jaden Smith

We have seen Jaden smith in movies and music videos. Some probably love his music and his acting skills. Well, he followed his father’s steps who happens to be the famous Will Smith. We have seen hundreds of will smith movies and the other one he even featured alongside his son Jaden. Jaden is also known for being in Justin Bieber’s hit song and also for being the main actor in one of the greatest movies Karate kid.

Dwayne Johnson

This big muscular man is popular by the name the rock which he used during his wrestling days. Now he is into acting and I’m sure you have seen quite a number of movies that he acted. He is one of the most famous actors to date. Not only that he has his own shows like the titans and more. Dwayne followed the path of his dad Rocky Johnson who was also a professional wrestler.

Miley Cyrus

This singer didn’t just startup. Miley got the inspiration from her dad Billy Ray Cyrus. This country singer toured the world during the 90s. Since then Miley also grew up to take up the same path. Lucky for her she did not just because a singer she became both a singer and an actor featuring in one of the most loved series by teenagers Hannah Montana.

Patrick Schwarzenegger

Everyone who watches movies is familiar with the action beast Arnold Schwarzenegger. This popular actor is well known by his acting character the terminator. His son, on the other hand, didn’t just become a model he has also become an actor just like his dad. He is famous for being in the Midnight Sun which he appeared along Bella Thorne.

Gwyneth Paltrow

With her father being a director and a producer and her mother a famous award-winning icon Gwyneth had it in her. The 45-year-old daughter of Blythe Danner and Bruce Paltrow has made it big in the entertainment industry. She has appeared in so many movies with being a lead actress in others. She has won multiple awards from being the best actress to being the best-supporting actress.


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