Parenting Advice From Popular Celebs

Parenting Advice From Popular Celebs

No parent is the same and how they raise their children is definitely not the same. The process is different from parent to parent. But we can’t help but notice some of the advice given by some famous people around the world. Celebrities are so many people’s role models and people look up to them so much. But parenting is one thing that shows us all that they are just as human as all of us are. Here is some advice that you can also make use of in raising your own children.

It Is Not Your House (Will Smith)

One of the popular faces in the acting industry Will Smith shared some interesting advice which he derives from his own experience as a father. He says “the room you are saying is not yours it is our room and we are simply letting you borrow it,” Smith said these words after one of his kids refused to clean their room claiming it is theirs. He encouraged parents to remind the kids whenever they get too comfortable that you are the parent.

Be Available Always (Michael J Fox)

It is important to be available to your kids always. Michael J Fox advises that you don’t procrastinate as he says not to say give me five or ten minutes because when you decide to go later you may miss what it is they wanted you to see so be available for them when they need you.

It Is Okay To Be Exhausted (Gary Oldman)

Oldman says accept your exhaustion as a parent as it is okay to be tired. He said it as he gave a quote saying if you think you are tired go and have a baby and then come back to tell me how tired, tired is. He went on to express that there can never be a formula or a book for parenting you just have to do what you are doing.

Be Tough Once In A While (Kelly Ripa) ( Robert Downey Jr) (Jerry Seinfeld

There are some celebrities who think it’s ok to be tough on your kids once in a while. It’s not being a bad parent but it’s just to remind them that you are the parent and to be responsible as individuals as well as to not spoil them. Kelly Ripa handles her kids different;y as she said that she doesn’t think her daughter likes her but it is ok with her because she is not her friend but rather her mom.

Robert Downey Jr also shares the same sentiments as he said that sometimes you have to be a little tough. He said in his statement that sometimes they have to know that we have dough but it is not yours and you have to get yours. Meaning we may have it all but it is not yours you will need to go out there and work for your own.

Jerry Seinfeld did the same when he says that he always has a statement for when his kids’ ask if they are rich. Seinfeld says his everyday response is that he is rich not them that for them to call themselves rich they should work for the riches.


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