Soups To Prepare When You Feel Sick

Soups To Prepare When You Feel Sick

You don’t necessarily have to be sick to be able to enjoy soup. But however, you also don’t have to waste money on medication when soup can be all the medication you need. It is easier to catch a cold or flu, especially in the winter seasons. Going to work while feeling under the weather is not ok. Sometimes all you need is a bowl or two of some of the best soups we are going to mention here to feel ok. Being sick doesn’t feel good so read on and learn more about some comforting soups you can make for yourself, your children, your family or your loved one when they are feeling under the weather.


best soups for a cold

Chicken Noodle Soup

This soup doesn’t just taste good but it also makes you feel better. Broth makes you feel better because it is rich. It keeps you dehydrate and opens up your respiratory tract. The veggies in the soup also help in boosting your immune system.

Vegetable Soup

Instead of going to the pharmacy to get some medication for your cold, go to the store and gather all the veggies you like. You can mix all the vegetables you like with broth and you can come up with a healthy delicious soup that will also be good for your can also make use of herbs to go with your veggies. It doesn’t just help with cold or flu but also it helps to fight fatigue.

Ginger Garlic Poached Egg Soup

Great for a sore throat this is the soup to go for to feel better. The poached egg is added to the broth to add protein since eggs are rich in proteins. All you need is to slice ginger and garlic, add them to the broth it could be home-cooked or store-bought broth. Add soy sauce or tamari sauce. Use a wide pot so that the eggs have space to poach without disturbances.

Coconut Curry Soup

This soup is a combination of the most strong herbs that helps with just about anything ginger and garlic. This soup help in clearing your sinuses and coughs. If you have an upset tummy you can also make this soup.

Spinach Soup

When you feel a little bit under the weather the soup helps with its rich ingredients that will get you up and running in no time. The other thing is that you can include pasta in it so you can have a whole meal in a bowl of soup. All you need is whole wheat pasta, fresh spinach. You can also add parmesan cheese and crushed red pepper if you wish to have some more veggies in your soup.

Butternut Soup

Butternut squash has an inflammatory compound called cucurbitacins. It helps in fighting viruses and bacteria. That is why this soup is the perfect soup to have when you are not feeling too good. It is creamy and delicious and it makes you feel better in no time. With the use of butternut squash, broth, and some few herbs to make the soup lively and tastier.


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